Dear Drake

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Friday May 4th, 2018
20:54 Central Time

Dear Drake,

Sometimes when two men are digging a ditch, they clank shovels. In that moment, the two men look at each other briefly, and then go on digging. You don’t know me, but we have been digging the same ditch for years and our shovels have clanked. This is that awkward moment when we look at each other briefly and then go on digging.

We have lots in common, in fact, I should call you “brother”. I write this letter to you without ego. I have been on the other side of this before, I have received a letter from a stranger calling me brother and I will never forget it.

We are brothers because like the barbaric British tribes, we have been sharing a woman for years – Miss Reno. It was never my intent to seducer her away from you, she had a boyfriend in late 2015 when I met her in 2015. I met her in a Reno hotel room in December 2015 and I was her secret lover throughout 2016. I thought you had broken up, but looking back, she never had the “break up” depression or any sadness.

I fell in love with Miss Reno passionately as you probably did. We have a lot in common:

We are both English majors
We are the same age
We are both teachers
We both have a blog
We are both Cancers and born in July

Miss Reno has a type, she is a Scorpio which is a great match for both us.

As I said, I write this letter to you with no ego. I have been in your exact position before in another relationship, I only write to you because you should know what you are dealing with. I loved Miss Reno more than anything and saw her several times until her 21st birthday. I flew her to Vegas, to Canada to meet my family and even offered to pay for her tuition to come to school in Canada.

Something was “off”, she wouldn’t come with me. Most young girls would jump on such an opportunity for love, and adventure in their early 20’s. However, she kept you a secret to me and I was a secret to you. I wasn’t allowed to meet her family, she only saw me at odd hours and I asked her straight up on several occasions “do you have a boyfriend?” Things didn’t add up.

Tonight I discovered in May 2018 that Miss Reno’s boyfriend is still named Drake. Everything makes sense now. I have closure on the madness my heart and mind have gone through over these years.

I don’t know what this information will do to your appetite for Miss Reno. Maybe you will forgive her and love her, which is idealistic, but she fucked both of us around for a long time. If you are angry, I understand. I never wish to take another man’s woman, as, I have had my woman taken before and I have had my heart broken badly.

Miss Reno has broken my heart by lying to me and to you by association. I have closure on the matter. Good luck to you brother, I wish you the best in life and never meant you any harm. We clanked shovels, and now we must go on digging the ditch of life. This is just an awkward moment and I hope you find your way in life and in love,

With Honor
Stefan Aarnio

P.S. I am not a coward and would be willing to talk to you anytime you wish to discuss 204-960-3689 Good Luck SA.